People will assume that a library in the house is merely a symptom of too much space. As if, mid-renovations, you made a terrible discovery that you have too many rooms. As if your partner presented you with a challenge: “Well, what shall we do with this one?” And you — at a loss, worn out — just said: “Oh, darling, let’s build a library.” And so you did. Yet, the library’s merits are more than purely practical. No other room carries such hope. It is a place to aspire to — to keep books you have never opened but just might if life stopped interfering. It contains your best potential. It is your better, more charming self. The house library is back in fashion and collecting books is in vogue. A well-stocked and handsome library remains a mark of a gentleman’s residence. Your library is no weary afterthought, but always part of the plan — the best part, too. Indeed, it is the most important room in the house. Even if you sacrificed a third bedroom to build it. Check out these beautiful home libraries to get inspiration for your space.

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